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“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”
– Alan Lakein

Production planning meetings are some of the most creative meetings at Colwell. Held both prior to estimating and prior to production, these meetings gather talented people from manufacturing, engineering, estimating, finance, scheduling, customer service and sales to freshly consider each job and determine how it could be run more efficiently and/or delivered faster while maintaining our exceptional quality standards.

Colwell’s value engineering process includes a multi-disciplined team with experience and expertise relative to the type of project to be studied. The systematic and structural approach comes from the value engineering job plan, consisting of multiple phases:

  1. Information. Gather information to better understand the project
  2. Functional Analysis. Analyze the project to understand and clarify the required functions
  3. Creative. Generate ideas on all the possible ways to accomplish the required functions
  4. Evaluation. Review ideas and concepts to select feasible ideas for development into specific value improvement
  5. Development. Select and prepare the “best” alternative(s) for improving value
  6. Presentation. Present the value recommendation to the project stakeholders

While an individual production run might involve millions of pieces, each job we take on is unique to some degree. Whether it involves sizing, configuration or materials, nothing is boilerplate at Colwell. And, by incorporating “flexible factory” principles, nearly every piece of equipment on our floor can be moved and incorporated into new configurations and work cells to maximize efficiency for a job. These flexible factory innovations have lead to significant improvements in two-sided chip mounting, large-format colour-card production and take-home card bagging.

Value engineering is extremely important. It allows us to optimize raw materials, reduce setup times and increase run speeds. It also is another way for Colwell to pass quality – and savings – on to our customers.